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We are blessed to be a Blessing.
We give with our hearts.
We give for we have been given.
We give more to help more.
We give because it feel goods.
We give as a way to be of service.
We give because it is our duty and ​privilege.

How much has soberiety given me ?  

Every donation counts. 

We offer 2 opportunities 
to Donate 

 1. SaddleBack Center  
(Building / Operations)

2. SaddleBack Fellowship
(Meetings 7th Tradition)


1. Saddleback Center 
An Approved 503C 3 Charity

Provides building operations and renovations to keep the facility functioning and safe. It provides Coffee Machines, Chairs, Paint, Flooring, Upgrades, Repairs, on going Maintenance,  All the physical items that are supplied to maintaned the building.  

We estimate over 1500 people attend the center every week.

Providing all attendies a safe, clean, environment for recovery.

Donate below to keep the facility updated, safe, and clean.


We are a ​503(c)3 non-profit ​organization.

Please ask us for a tax donation receipt. 

Board Treasurer boardtreasurer


2. SaddleBack Fellowship

Provides the Meeting level assistance. (7th Tradition)  With over 1500 attendies every week we use lots or resources. Donations here to help Pay for Rent, Electricity, Air Conditioning, Heating, Books, Beverage Supplies, Chips, Literature and more. Your contributions help AA as a whole.

Donate below to help meet our 
7th Tradition
monthly expenses. 
We offer  Zelle, Venmo, Paypal 


Your generous donations help keep  Alcoholics Anonymous  & Al-Anon fellowship growing.

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 Saddleback Valley  Fellowship Center   Email :
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It takes a lot of resources to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment that makes recovery possible. Our location is open from 6am until 11pm daily. We provide over 50 meetings  weekly, 3000 Sq Feet of meeting rooms, and are able to provide 5 individual meeting areas to help accommodate various meeting types. Literature, and coffee, and events are provided.  We are 100% supported through contributions like yours .  Please donate to keep these services open and robust for all members. 

How do I participate ? 
It is reconizing that we now have more opportunity since we stopped drinking. This is your chance to give more at each meeting  than the a minimum suggested donation. 

How much has soberiety given me ?  Show it in your donation. 

We have serval ways to donate.  
 In Person at meetings,  
Zelle , Paypal ,  Venmo 

Please help us support
continuing recovery at: 
23401 El Toro Rd. 
Lake Forest Ca 92630

How can I Help ?