Alcoholics Anonymous

Watch the candle flame for a few moments, Take a deep Breathe through the nose, release slowly thru the mouth, and let go. repeat 4 times

Now take a moment to reflect on all that is good,  and for gratitude in my life. Thy will be done.

And now we pray.

(scroll down)

Dear Higher Power (God),
I pray that I may do your will.
I pray that I may see you in others. 
I pray that I may hear you in others.
I pray for you to heal others.
I pray that I may be of service.
I pray that I seek your guidance.

Dear God, help me. 

I pray that I may participate in life.
I pray that I will feel your presense.

I pray that you will continue to guide me.
I pray that everybody has Hope, Happiness, Health, Love and Abundance in all areas of life.  Amen

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